One More Try!

We gave it our best, but some rooms are still showing offline.  We will have another server disconnect around the same times as yesterday to make sure everything is working perfectly.  Sorry for the delay, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Update: Everything should be working now.  If you are having a problem please try restarting your client.

Update 2: Some users report their contact lists are missing or partially missing.  Try restarting your Camfrog client.  We are working on it right now.  Hopefully it will be resolved tonight.

Update 3: We have been working through the night on this problem.  At this time contact lists may not load at all or take a long time to load.  We will continue working on the problem until it’s solved.  Thank you for your patience.

Update 4: Everything should be functioning properly now.  If you are having a problem please try signing on and off again.

131 thoughts on “One More Try!

  1. american-pride

    i did not know what time it was yesterday that it disconnected and when it does disconnect would u know for how long it will be down. sorry to bug u admin


    hope everything goes well everything on my contacts list seems to be ok most room s are showing online now but thanks again.

  3. Custos

    Yea mine have been showing as sometimes online and sometimes offline… but now some of my contacts have actually been deleted from my list… Most of the rooms I’ve added have been deleted as well.

  4. Its420

    Ok, I have been able to deal with ‘CrashFrog’ and updates and bugs up until contacts being deleted. That got the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and I’m a pretty friggin mellow dude. Come on CF…Someone around there need a hug or something? HUGS….now get back to work happy and PRODUCTIVE, Thanks

  5. blackmanathome

    … My contactlist and room list is still jacked up 😦

    i only see 4 rooms online at a time, and only 10 contact online at a time

  6. All was working on my desktop.

    When I change to Laptop, and log with my nickname my contact list .. was EMPTY !!!!

    Yes EMPTY !! .. Where is my contacts Camfrog (A) ahahahah go to the beach?

  7. Admin,
    The rooms are online but when the rooms reboot they do not show again on the favorite rooms list as being online. At times a user has to again reboot camfrog to see the rooms online again. Now I am also having a problem adding people and rooms to my list as well.

  8. southern-sweetness (Lorie)

    I had to redownload c/f totally and put my pro code back in . Alot of my contacts n rooms were deleted , but before this it wasn’t letting me add any contacts or rooms <<<this problem I have had more than once . I’m hoping that now I can add and if anyone tries to im me and it shows I don’t have them on my list , knowing that u was on my list before just send me a global or private in the room and I will add u back . Hope all my c/f friends had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!! All Year long ❤ U all

  9. Batman2005

    Now, not only my rooms dont show online but the dont show offline either, they disappereared

  10. Eduardo

    Hello Admin
    Today Camfrog and went to some of my contact list and the room were excluded

  11. Festler

    i have lost 70% from my contact, and can’t IM on time , many rooms are show offline ??? cam not work in IM ??????
    whats this ????

  12. TheRedEyedJedi

    Hey Does anyone know whats going on as i know the rooms havent been showing up and it was all sorted yesterday but now they have gone off my added room lists and so has half my contact list GONE!!!!

    Does anyone know whats going on with all this and is it going to get better or worse?

  13. babsie

    i still have major probs with rooms and friends list and as owner of 3 camfrog rooms this is making my job bloody hard please can u help me i have done a reinstall of frog a system restore all sorts and its still the same
    it was fine this morning except for the rooms lists now i got no friends list only one or 2 on it its crazy 😦

  14. admin,
    It is now 9:15 am Eastern standard time and i rebooted my camfrog and pc and now have all my favorite rooms vanished and many of my contacts are off my list too. What Happened?!? Will the contacts come back?? Will the rooms come back?? Or do i have to re add them??? please advise.
    Thank you.

  15. SteveSunJia

    try removing the room or contact from your list and adding it again. this seems to work for both people and rooms.

  16. Just to let you know I turned on my PC this morning and loaded Camfrog… and half of my contacts are offline and so have my rooms.

    So please can you fix it Admin (Y)

  17. Festler

    i have reboot the client…….and now i lost more contacts and rooms
    im confused now :s what can i do ???

  18. TheRedEyedJedi

    hey most of ya’ll are having problems with your contacts and rooms not showing online, i lost most of my rooms on my contact list and 75% of my contacts aswell.

    Is this going to get sorted cos i dont want to be having to add everyone again and it happens again and also whats with camfrog client crashing when i leave a room, yeah im on the 5.1 not the 5.2 beta as i wont install the 5.2 untill it is stable, does anyone know when it will be stable?

  19. 4nthony

    i have a strange problem lol its quite amusing

    my contacts list is fine and my rooms are back well i think they are.

    but i have a friend that i am addred to there visable list and when he imes me he apears offline.

    thought i would let you know

  20. __DustinBowls__

    I experienced the same problem as 4nthony. Exactly. Everything appears normal otherwise.

  21. II__zodiaque__II

    we still have the problem 70% of my contact list and rooms are vanished ! what is going on ???

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