One More Try!

We gave it our best, but some rooms are still showing offline.  We will have another server disconnect around the same times as yesterday to make sure everything is working perfectly.  Sorry for the delay, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Update: Everything should be working now.  If you are having a problem please try restarting your client.

Update 2: Some users report their contact lists are missing or partially missing.  Try restarting your Camfrog client.  We are working on it right now.  Hopefully it will be resolved tonight.

Update 3: We have been working through the night on this problem.  At this time contact lists may not load at all or take a long time to load.  We will continue working on the problem until it’s solved.  Thank you for your patience.

Update 4: Everything should be functioning properly now.  If you are having a problem please try signing on and off again.

131 thoughts on “One More Try!

  1. Brian


    I signed on Camfrog today 13:03 01/15/09 after turning on my computer (cold boot) and all contacts and rooms were displayed. After some time, I was in “away” status and actually away from the computer, I came back and contacts were missing. hmmmmmmmmmmm 16:05 01/15/09

  2. x_BetchPls_x

    So far since updating my desktop to 5.2.169, my contacts and room list are back…. although my cam freezes when im in a room for some time.

  3. __DustinBowls__

    Hey guys (and or gals) it works! Thanks for all the hard work! 🙂 I was using my profile page to contact my friends, I came in to suggest others do the same but hey it works so nevermind!

  4. lee

    admin i hand users to day from 23:19 saying there lost contacts as i talled them to reboot pc all re add them al whet for all update to be done so all pls whet to admin have done all updates and thanks

  5. snoborder007

    I know you guys are working hard, but I still have yet to have my contacts load. (Still have only about ten) I’m slightly aggravated, but I know you guys are working hard. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

  6. Fan

    Audio has a wierd hiccup with Camfrog 5.2. People’s audio has a momentary break.. as if the audio paused and resumed really quickly.

    It is very irritating! Going back to 5.1 until 5.2 lag/audio issues are fixed.

  7. admin


    5.2 has absolutely no room audio or video changes from the version before. Lag is caused by your network connection, or the network connection from the room you joined.

    If you are having p2p audio/video problems please let me know more details.

  8. martin_69_70

    the new 5.2 version had/has problems for a few of us while in room for a time the cam drops to lurkers (our own)
    a few of us had same problem there so all gone back to 5.1
    also overnight in room had problems too the first time ever woke up and pc saying camfrog client needs to close( not enough memory) yet i have 4 gig and most was unused this happened 4 days on the trot back on 5.1 now and dosnt happen
    i hope this is of use to you

  9. admin

    There was a 5.2 beta that had the problems you mentioned, but the newest 5.2.169 does not seem to have this. Please download the final version from our download page.


  10. Girl_Vicious

    Camfrog 5.2 that you have set on your main camfrog site to download, well I downloaded it yet again guys, and This time my cam kept disappearing while I’m in the chat rooms again, and it shows my icon with no cam and places my nick down in lurkers…sigh…this is happening to EVERYONE with 5.2 Hope you get it fixed fast, I couldn’t take the frustration of it all so I uninstalled it yet again and I reinstalled 5.1 yet again. Love ya’s and appreciate all your hard work, the new features are great I’m still loving them and missing them now that I’m back on 5.1

  11. CasperPL


    I yesterday my friend ,i give him Camfrog 5.2 installed and later on morning alone sign off ,login camfrog connecting 500,and too not wont loaded web…

    What happen problem server central…

  12. meghan

    I have been having problems lately in with private Cam2Cam chat. I am on Mac OS X, and when I try to invite, or get invited this error message comes up: The video chat failed because you are using an old version of Camfrog. Please upgrade to the newest version of Camfrog with one-on-one video chat improvements by visiting – But I have the most up-to-date version for OS X. Help!

  13. budster2

    Ok here goes i don’t know where else to post this so i’ll try here for the past month or more i have been having seriouse issues with camfrog and camfrog only i’ll be chatting in a room and after exactly one hour all the cams i have open close down go back into the main chat list then i lose sound. i exit the room re-enter it and the cams will all freeze after 30 seconds and i lose sound yet again. i have reformated my laptop, done numerouse virus scans a full system scan and even went as far as to buy another webcam and to no avail the problem still persist. I have written tech support they gave me the debug code but that doesn’t work properly for me either because the debug.exc doesn’t appear on my desktop as it should so i can send it back to them. this is very frustrating as i have used camfrog for 4 years with no problems at all. PLEASE can anyone help?

  14. budster2

    I also have been having the same problem as the folks a few comments above mine with dropping into the lurkers list

  15. Can someone erxplain to me why i’ll be in a room and all of a sudden my cam disappear, theni go into the lurker section? Also my sound will not work at times as well. This All started around 10:00pm est on Febuary 15, 2009.

  16. soil_milk

    I’m Thai in China, and why the room directory just show China (18 and 18+), no other regions shown? It just happended week ago.

    How to fix it? and I’m not a pro user. Thanks.

  17. r3333344444r

    I have asked for help with how to backup all my history about IM..
    Is there no any admins to help me ????

  18. deathmetal_die666

    well its has been like 5 days in row , No Contacts hve been added lol So wat shall i do this is first its happned for me about been like years on frog kinda annyoin..plz guyz help or fix it..still doesnt work for me..Only been with messy names so… i cant singed my old NickName.. n Thxxxx m/

  19. mgd12

    First of all i would like to thank you cf admin for giving us a room pinoy comfrog in the main room of comfrog. All filipino users of cf are very much indebted to you, It is the only room in the phillipines zone where you can have respect to one another and follows the comfrog (TOS) Under Cf Admin. At last we have a well respected filipino room that we can rely on. Me and my family Enjoyed the room because It is a all ages room.It change our lifes and we were great to have many filipinos and foriegn friends. But all this crumbled in an instant. When you scrap the room out of comfrog. I understand that some users complain about this room thats why it was scraped out of cf. I respect Your desicion Its An admin Prerogative. But sir mam may i point out some things that change our lives again.Thank You for giving us Comfrog Asia my complain is if your a non pro user you can not view a cam because your in the phil zone and secondly it is a multi lingual room so you cant understand users in the room not like in pinoy comfrog we understood each other, and i can view cams without a pro .So i have to go back to the phillipine zone to view cams and understand what they are talking about. in my dismay upon searching for hours for a room that carries comfrog TOS I cant find one.So please bring back Pinoy Comfrog so i can experience the decency that CF gave us a wholesome room with my wife and kids. This is the dilema of 10,000 decent filipino are experiencing right now at comfrog. And I Thank God That he gave us Comfrog in our Lives. Thank You

  20. Yeaa so….i have had the same problem as most, firstly all my rooms was offline then they all dissapeared now 75% of my contacts have vanished lol

    Still i dont think it’s affecting your profile page all contacts should still be visible on your own profile.. you can easily re-add them. . although it’s a pain in the A#% and more than likely they will get deleted again hahaha

    If your rooms are still showing OFFLINE…just right click and copy the room name, delete the room & paste it to ADD again…it should be ok then.
    This should also apply with your contacts !! GoOd LuCk

    And HURRY back SEVERS we MISS you * cries *

  21. Prinny

    aright so i seem to have fallen prey to this common problem with cf and im none to happy about it! im the happyest person around and this makes me frown i cant add any people to my list they dont show up if i add htem or rrooms im currently running camfrog 5.2 i know your going to tell me to upgrade to 5.3 so let me reply to that righ tnow ic ant run 5.3 because every time i install 5.3 and open the program it never even gets to the login screen i get Error camfrog cannot be started etc or runtime error someting like that so ive given up onthat version completely. can someoen please help me fix my camfrog so i can keep what little sanity i have left!

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