We plan to have a temporary outage sometime between January 12th 8PM PST and the early morning hours of January 13.  The outage will take place so we can solve the problem with some room nicknames appearing offline in contact lists. I am sorry I cannot give a more exact time for the maintenance.

If you are still having problems after the reboot please post here.  Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Comments on: "Service Announcement – Possible Downtime January 12 & 13" (18)

  1. When will ofline. ? Work when a will start to do you have movies and podcasts scholar.

  2. Sounds interesting Antalya :s

    Thanx Admin for the update info :D:D:D

  3. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5 said:

    Thank you for the information!!! YOUR THE BEST!!

  4. All my contact rooms are now online 🙂 Now, when shall we be seeing a new release of Camfrog!! I want some of those new features:P

  5. II__zodiaque__II said:

    good to here this!

  6. everything ok here ..thx for ur info

    ur the best :p

  7. All its OK here !
    Tks Camfrog

  8. Correction:

    AFTER 10 minuts online the rooms back to OFFLINE mode !

  9. VaLDaNiiTo said:

    I have the same problem :s

  10. american-pride said:

    all ok here also

  11. it’s ok now

    thanks 😀

  12. CasperPL said:

    My is problem contact and rooms sometimes offline and online :S wired

  13. OK!

    Best Regards,

    Márcio Oliveira
    Hosting PortugaNet.Com

  14. II__zodiaque__II said:

    well done ! it all ok here thx camfrog team !


  16. Everything is okay here!! i got the same problem but its better now, thx for the announcement Admin …
    Hope there’s new features soon!!!! 😛

  17. In date 13 about Contact & Room list ok !!
    But now i have problem……..all of my contact & room list Offline.
    Please Help…..

  18. Wow Great………….
    Now all my contact & room list Clear. I don’t know again what can i do.

    I hope can back………

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