Contact List Update

We have fixed the problem with contact lists, but the fix will not appear on your local Camfrog contact list for several hours due to the time it will take the server to fully update.  We estimate it could take 3-5 hours for the server to fully update where you no longer see the contact list error.

If you still see the contact list error after 5 hours (2PM PST) please let us know by posting below.

Even though your contact list may look a little strange everything should still be working normally and you can still join rooms as usual.  Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Is not fix yet, i still can see some rooms in offline mode.

  2. Cursed_kraut said:

    Its been two days ow that i cant see any room online…which is really no issue for me. Just letting u know that on some sides its still not cleared up.


  3. We plan to solve the issue Monday. The rooms appear offline, but if you double click the icons you can still join as usual. Thank you for your patience.

  4. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5 said:

    Thanks Admin, We will wait patient to have it resolve. Thanks!

  5. langer1961 said:

    3-5 hours????? nooooooooooo my Problems are now 3 Days. When is finish?????

  6. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5 said:

    Langery1961, the admin SAY they will solve it on Monday. Thank you

  7. Lol :p Make what you Can Admin And Think’s A LoT because I can’t Leave without CF…. i hope you Fixe This PRoblem as soon as possible ….

  8. Hi admin

    My camfrog room list show one of the fav room in offline but i noted it was in online after being login to the room…. what happen?

    Thank You

  9. Camfrog continues to keep the Nicks and Rooms in off-line!

    Best Regards,

    Márcio Oliveira
    Hosting PortugaNet.Com

  10. PublicHot << Room not Online.

  11. its 0.30 pm in germany , many rooms are offline on time in my list……….

  12. not fixed here..still some rooms appearing offline but i can go

  13. DANCING_ROOM << Room not show Online

  14. camfrog shows full inability to give the servive they have been payed for .

    4 days fhe rooms are grey, 4 days of silence from camfrog, not even a sorry or a apology just giving us the mushroom traitement (mushrooms only grow in the dark)

    I suppose that this message will be censored as usual

  15. Look above at “admin” to see our updates. We hope to solve the problem today.

  16. YES Didn’t see a sorry or an apology

  17. Sorry. I apologize for the problem.

  18. I just got an update.

    We plan to make changes tomorrow. It will cause all users to disconnect temporarily and then this problem will be solved. I apologize for the delay.

    We did not do it today because we wanted everyone to know about the outage in advance.

  19. lol i feel better already

  20. traduction en francais de admin
    admin viens d etre mis au courrant de la mise jour
    camfrog a l intention de faire la mise a jour demain cela va faire une deconection temporaire et le probleme sera resolu et s excuse pour le delai
    camfrog ne l a pas fait aujourd hui pour nous laisser le temps de le savoir

    TY admin

  21. Thanks Admin, maybe everyone will stop saying the same thing in here now (but dont hold your breath) LOL

  22. It will be the best option stops of a time for all finishing with the problems!!


    Best Regards,

    Márcio Oliveira
    Hosting PortugaNet.Com

  23. contacts list says rooms are still offline when there not for me weird lol

  24. __DustinBowls__ said:

    Thanks admin! Any idea when everbody will be booted tomorrow?

  25. heatherUSC said:

    hopefully this will fix the problem. we have been trying to promote our room and it shows as offline and stays that way. this is tomorrow US time or tomorrow European time???

  26. Can you place a new post explain this situation and when the correction ll be applied?

    A lot of customers are asking about a solution or position.


  27. admin,
    Do you know approx what time the disconnect will occur on the 13th? Also let us know if Eastern or Pacific time. Thanks!!

  28. american-pride said:

    what disconect on the 13th. i did not know there was going to be one.

  29. microdos said:

    i lost my contact , room list what i must do ?

  30. Erevus_07 said:

    I don’t see my contact list since one week ago, and doesn’t have been fixed with this , can u do anything please??????

    I mean all my contacts appears offline, and they are ONLINE! so i hope u can help me guys.


    Best Regards.

  31. My contacts have mostly gone and my rooms ive had added…..

    heres a screenshot of me rooms bit

    plus i have like 80 outa 260 odd of my contacts


  32. DanMan7488 said:

    About 30 people on my contact list are no longer there. The names have simply disappeared. What do i do?

  33. About 200 Rooms and 200 people on my contact list are no longer there. The names have simply disappeared. What do i do? thanks mark

  34. BiG_BoY_ToY said:

    All my contacts are gone, and my favorit rooms too? Whats happening, and when will it be fixed?
    This problem has been going on for several days now!!

  35. why has most of my contacts and room names totaly dissaperd of my profile this sucks

  36. my contact list is remove 180 + contact list remove all list

  37. heyyyyyy what happinig? i do new add my all friend and latter exit in camfrog new enter the froglife and did add list delete now repair and 5.2 <<view remote cam no good i see my self zombi 8) i want happy in camfrog and enjoys:P take care easy camfrog ofis personel pls done any proglem shirt time 😛

  38. now good all problem fixed firs exit in camfrog client and new enter and problem finish all list old friend come now:P:P(h)

  39. Suttipong said:

    hey – can u help me out please – just got back to thailand from australia and I cant get in the usa chat rooms or any other countries rooms except thailand?
    why is that? and how can i fix the problem

    many thanks

  40. Heavens_lil_Devil said:

    I see no difference what so ever

  41. openallman said:

    MY camfrog pro code isn’t valid so i changed my nickname code is valid and now it isn’t valid another time what is problem give me a code valid please help me thanks

  42. when in usa can see all chat rooms all countries.but now in Thailand only see Thailand not Asia ot China or others

  43. vicky1985 said:

    hey i cant send my msg in the room…it says dat i have to buy pro code…but my question is many people without pro can type n chat wid others why cant i ?

    what’s de reason and what should i do for this?

  44. please help i cnt log-in to camfrog…what is happening to camfrog?

  45. marco guidi said:

    hey……I’m travelling to China, why i see only China and not USA?

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