Service Announcement – Possible Downtime January 28


Tonight we plan to do some server maintenance.  During the maintenance your Camfrog client and server may temporarily disconnect from the Camfrog network.  The maintenance should be short, and your client and server should reconnect in a short time period.

Camfrog hosted rooms CamfrogAsia and CamfrogWorld may also be temporarily unavailable.

Camfrog websites should not have any problems.  Thank you for using Camfrog.

5.2 Video Problems?

Having a problem with scrambled video in your local video window even when you are not video chatting?  Go to your contact list “actions” menu then choose “settings” and then “video”.  Next check the box “use old rendering system”.

IMPORTANT:  If you’re not having any problems don’t activate the old rendering system, otherwise future cool features we plan to add may not work on your computer.

Only a very small percentage of Camfrog users with extremely old video systems should need to check this box.

Camfrog Visible List

invisibleWant to sign on to Camfrog as invisible, but still let a few of your best friends know you’re online?  It’s possible with the Camfrog Visible List.

Signing on as invisible allows you to use Camfrog without showing up as online on any other Camfrog user contact lists, including your friends.  To sign on as invisible go to the Camfrog file menu and choose “sign out” then check the box “sign in as invisible” before pressing the “sign on” button.

To allow certain users to see when you are signed on as invisible go to the “actions” menu on your contact list, then choose “settings” and the “visible list”.  Add the nickname of everyone you want to see you when you sign on as invisible.  You will then appear on their contact lists with a special invisible status icon.

Files From Strangers

Please never accept files from strangers. Executing a strange file on your computer can give someone full access to your computer or even damage your operating system.  Even if the file appears to be an image file it may actually be an executable file.

If you recently accepted a file from a stranger please scan your computer for viruses.

Please review our Camfrog Security Tips.

One More Try!

We gave it our best, but some rooms are still showing offline.  We will have another server disconnect around the same times as yesterday to make sure everything is working perfectly.  Sorry for the delay, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Update: Everything should be working now.  If you are having a problem please try restarting your client.

Update 2: Some users report their contact lists are missing or partially missing.  Try restarting your Camfrog client.  We are working on it right now.  Hopefully it will be resolved tonight.

Update 3: We have been working through the night on this problem.  At this time contact lists may not load at all or take a long time to load.  We will continue working on the problem until it’s solved.  Thank you for your patience.

Update 4: Everything should be functioning properly now.  If you are having a problem please try signing on and off again.

Service Announcement – Possible Downtime January 12 & 13

We plan to have a temporary outage sometime between January 12th 8PM PST and the early morning hours of January 13.  The outage will take place so we can solve the problem with some room nicknames appearing offline in contact lists. I am sorry I cannot give a more exact time for the maintenance.

If you are still having problems after the reboot please post here.  Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Contact List Update

We have fixed the problem with contact lists, but the fix will not appear on your local Camfrog contact list for several hours due to the time it will take the server to fully update.  We estimate it could take 3-5 hours for the server to fully update where you no longer see the contact list error.

If you still see the contact list error after 5 hours (2PM PST) please let us know by posting below.

Even though your contact list may look a little strange everything should still be working normally and you can still join rooms as usual.  Thank you for your patience.

Contact List Problem?

If you are having a problem with your contact list please exit and then restart Camfrog client.  We just upgraded our servers and your connection to our database might have been reset.  Restarting Camfrog client should solve the problem.

If it does not solve the problem please post your nickname here or contact the helpdesk and include your nickname and a screenshot of what you see.

Thank you for your help.