Camfrog Client 5.2.167 Beta (Windows) Released

Camfrog 5.2.167 is now available for download with some brand new features.

Join a video chat room and right click your local video window to “resize all windows” simultaneously, you can also go to the “view” menu in the chat room window to choose to “highlight friends”.  If “highlight friends” is activated and one of your friends from your profile is in a room his or her name will then be highlighted.  This new beta version also has a lot of miscellaneous stability and efficiency enhancements.

Download Camfrog 5.2.167 Beta (Windows)

Please report any problems on the blog or to our helpdesk.

Happy Holidays!

49 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.2.167 Beta (Windows) Released

  1. pedro_david

    too bad for me.
    -still going from active video to inactive after a lapse of time (but my cam shows its still working) in both rendering modes (new and old)
    -my pc: Win XP SP3, integrated video, amd dual core 5000+
    -yet the new few features works nice!. amd power monitor works better too!!

  2. admin

    What do you mean exactly by “active video to inactive”? I am not sure I understand.

  3. pedro_david

    from “with cam” to lurkers (without cam) (but the green light of my cam (working) is still on), and the people Im chatting with cant see me anymore.

  4. admin

    What kind of cam do you have, and what operating system? Could it be a network issue? Do you have connectivity problems?

    Thank you.

  5. pedro_david

    -5.1.129 dont have that problem
    -only with the betas
    (I have pro btw)
    -tried changing the usb connection of my cam to other spot, but didn’t worked.

  6. Midway2

    I am testing now, and no problems. also with 1 on 1 no problem at all :).
    Tested with Vista Ultimate SP1, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2.4GHz

  7. Midway2

    It would be nice if u can change the highlight friends we have add in our friend list is highlighted in the room if they have add us.
    This is better for the room also. ppl wil less asking or flooding in room.

  8. It’s stable well


    Agree with Midway2

    ### It would be nice if u can change the highlight friends we have add in our friend list is highlighted in the room if they have add us. ###

  9. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5

    I think better for little more dark for high light because light blue also white on background is little hard for people who have vision problem. Do you think you could adjust to little more dark blue?

  10. cheurb

    i installed 5.2.167 and it worked well with 1 on 1, which is not the case with version 5.1 thanks to Midway2 for agreeing with me testing it with him.

  11. I like the highlight friends feature, it would cool if it stretched the whole way so it would be more noticeable, or even to be able to select a colour ourselves… 🙂 Also sort by friends list in room, so the friends on our list can be sorted that way!!:P

  12. mistaagress

    the new tea works fine.. little lower cpu power is needet. 14 cams .. 7 -24 % Cpu power

    The Friend feature is evry nice.. maybe a second Color for wankers in future ?? *g*

    Im testing now at windows 7 Beta build 7000
    all works fine !


    Everything has been stable, relieved and improved.
    I think can you set small size to all default videio size (all 3 tabs: classic/recommended/super), instead of Classic?
    for example, at first time, people wish to try free trial softwares, it would be convenient and easy for new beginners or novices.. be happy. LOL 😀

  14. Fan

    The video problems of the previous beta were fixed with .167.

    HOWEVER, audio lags on the receiving end. People who had some lag while I was running CF 5.1 seem to lag a LOT worse and people who don’t lag while I am running 5.1 all of a sudden lag.

    Getting there, but not quite yet. 🙁

  15. I asked an other user to install the beta, and when they went back to the old version, it wouldn’t sign on… I re installed the beta and it worked, and I then went back to the 5.1 stable and it wouldn’t sign on…

    I had to delete the entire registry, and reinstall back to 5.2 for them

    Anybody else had this problem?

  16. pedro_david

    not me.
    but just in case I’ve always had used a registry cleaner before go back to version 5.1

  17. Raymond

    Technical problems entering some rooms.

    I have a question about using Camfrog these days.
    Some rooms ( f.e. St1cky Situations and Naughty little Hotties ) are producing an error when I try to enter them. The error is:

    Could not connect to server.
    This server may be offline or behind a firewall/router.

    Does anyone know about this error ?
    I checked my security settings and nothing seem to block these rooms. Other rooms I can enter without any problems. I installed the 5.2.167 Beta but still the same problem occurs. I asked other users and some have the same problem.

    Can anyone give me some advise ?

    Thanks in advance…


  18. Girl_Vicious

    You still haven’t replaced the Sports Car that was on my profile, it was a gift and I was told all the gifts that were taken off would be restored , I look forward to seeing that put back as my friend that bought it said he paid 15.00 for it. Hope to see it back on my Girl_Vicious Profile where it was bought for, real soon. Thank you for all your time and efforts.

  19. Cursed_kraut

    It still isnt fixed that when u open a privat video chat and both have the mic clicked on hands free that its shutting off camfrog for either one of the users in the pribat chat. Its a great versin and thats the only problem i have. I tryed it on 2 pcs and two laptops and it always does it to either one of the privat chat users or to both. Would be great if u could do something against that.


  20. Midway2

    Hello Cursed_kraut,

    I have tested ur problem;

    when u open a privat video chat and both have the mic clicked on hands free that its shutting off camfrog for either one of the users in the pribat chat

    But I dont (and the remote one) have no problems. I have tested this also local, the same way u dit, but all work fine.

    Maybe there is a problem in ur register?

  21. Papi_Crazy

    Im testing this version, and it’s cool everything seems to be fine with it.

  22. Memory

    Why don’t show my room in Favorite Rooms?

    My room name : 010_CHINA_010

    Thank you!

  23. Girl_Vicious

    Well ya’ll, I had to Uninstall the beta once again due to the fact I kept losing my cams in rooms, it would put me down in lurkers. Also, I used to always have my comments on my profile disabled, and when I enable it, Nothing happens, for instance…I took and enabled my profile comments 3 weeks ago, and I still cant leave a comment on anyone’s page and they cant leave a comment on mine either yet…that goes for all frog versions…back to the beta…When i was in private with a friend , I completely froze on beta and so did he. I do love all the new features, the cam windows sizing all at once is great, the highlighted friends list in rooms is amazing, love that, I love how you can right click on a person in your list and copy that their personal text says, thats wonderful, love that! Also, on all versions, But mostly the beta, I GOT A LOT OF CAMFROG ERROR MODULE REPORTS. It got so annoying I had to uninstall it and reinstall the 5.1 version of frog. Once all of that is fixed I’ll test the Beta again, I just got too frustrated. Every Time i lost my cam, I had to restart frog, i had to do that periodically 20 times or so a day. Anyways, Hope you guys get it fixed soon, Cause I absolutely love the new features. Love ya’s and thanks.

  24. Cursed_kraut

    Just wanted to come back to the problem i had….it seems that the problem solved itself and i can join the privat chat now and click the mic on both pcs and cf stays turned on. Jus wanted to let u know.


  25. HueCUBE

    BTW, 5.2 for has broken Video chat between Mac (v1.7) and PC (v5.2) users. Congrats.

  26. AshXX

    Anyone knoticed that video can be quite pixeled? … like i have my laptop still running 5.1 in the same room having the cams on large .. on 5.1 its clear on the new 5.2 its a little pixelated?

    any ideas?

  27. I Download Camfrog Video Chat v5.2 . . .
    Remove and Install New Version . . .
    Good Working 5.2 Version. But I Open Cam Private . I Don’t See My Friend. Only I am Seeing Myself . . . :)) The Idea Camfrog 5.2 Version is Private Cam Problem . . .

  28. onlin007

    anyone knows where i can get camfrog 5.1?Camfrog 5.2 does not work properly on my computer, i can be seen but i cannot see my own cam image neither can i see cams in rooms (it s all blur). Thank you for your help!

  29. Gina

    i had problem with camming people, the cam window pops-up but no picture nor blurry, i cant even see myself on my own cam wen i do preview.. how to solve that problem? any help? thanks alot!

  30. Angel

    I travel frequently and use Hotels net connections in diferentes locations in diferents days also. . As you knows, each hotel use a diferent Ip address to internet. ¿can i use my pro code with version 5.2, using diferents Ip address ? Also i have a modem Usb for my personal cumputer, using a celular GSM line. In this case, i have another Ip address…. ¿can i use one day this connection with my pro?

  31. admin


    It should be no problem. Just don’t share your code with others or accept files from strangers.


    I am on current version 5, 2, 0, 169

    Everything is working great!

    Except the video pause issue, I test myself looking my video preview, it shows no freeze or no still picture or no white pause video while I set pause video, however other users can see my video screen stays pausing but I see myself on preview is opposed.

    Sometime it happens me forgeting to unpause my video, or it goes into the lurkers list when I visit any room, also some people complain why they are going to lurkers list? well, because they forget to UNPAUSE their video. LOL.. that’s point, they did not see “pause” on their video previews. I know there is small word “pause” on video screen, however, not clear to us.

    Suggestion: Try to fix big better alert or make a bit big word “PAUSE” will be placed on our video preview, in order to let us know or make sure whatever the video is UNPAUSED open or not before processing.


  33. sorry

    this is even worse then all the previous camfrog software!

    we need to go back to 4.6 and stop jumping from BETA to BETA
    we pay money and this is how we get treated in the end …

    time to stop thinking of your $$ pockets camfrog and start answering the questions to what people are needing and wanting ..

    Camfrog is not like it used to be and it is getting worse and the LAG is even worse and the whole APLICATION it self is so BUGGY that Camfrog Programers need to rewrite the complete script of Camfrog or maybe some other competitors will make something even better then this program!

    Camfrog is getting outdated with all of Today’s Technology

    Hurry cause there are alot of competition out there and if you do not fix the buggs and lag i know there is 1 huge company which will launch by the summer and seems they are ready for the Competition Camfrog!

    The Video-Audio Software coming out in JULY will be better then Camfrog and maybe Camfrog will loose all it’s users, we will have to wait and see!

  34. I love the new Camfrog Beta version but only one thing that is not proper and has to be fix soon is that cam becomes unavailable when you stay long in the room even you have cam the longer you stay in the room your cam becomes unavailable as if we do not use cam in the room and we suddenly stay in the lurkers even we have cam open… Cam is just what makes me unhappy…

    Please Camfrog m8 do something on this…. Thanks

  35. mighty


    Problem with Camfrog with Windows 7 beta version. The room always disconnects after 1 to 2 minutes you can’t stay on any room for more than 10 minutes. Worse is when you enter a room with more than 500 users you’ll be lucky if you see people chatting on the board then less than a minute disconnects. I’ve checked the firewall and even set it to no firewall but to no avail the same problem occurs. I did go back to windows xp and it works fine. I believe its a firewall issue can someone help me set the firewall for windows 7 which would allow me to use camfrog seamlessly. Take note its not a ISP problem i already tested it. Hoping for a quick reply from you guys thanks.

  36. chardlove21

    i have trouble entering to most of the room.. everytime i enter the room this window appearcould not connect to server this server maybe offline or behind firewall/router i checked my firewall.. i turned it off but same thing happens.. i was thinking its because of my connection coz its a dial up but im just wonderin why i can enter to some rooms..can anyone help me plss..

  37. Astra

    why my handsfree button and Talk always off when i am join to room ? how to activate it ?

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