Camfrog Mac Client Block December 1

Starting December 1st all Mac Camfrog client versions before 1.7 will be blocked.

Camfrog Mac 1.7 has technology that makes it cross-compatible with our older Mac versions.  This means that if you are using Camfrog Mac 1.7 and an older version Mac user is viewing you then your bandwidth and CPU usage is doubled.  This is because your 1.7 Mac client is sending out two video streams.  One video stream is a 1.7 version video stream and the other is an earlier version video stream.  These double cross-compatible video streams also cause Camfrog client 1.7 to use more CPU resources and it causes people hosting Camfrog Servers to send out twice as much bandwidth.

We have given Camfrog Mac users since July (5 months) to upgrade to Camfrog 1.7 and we feel now is the right time to ask all Mac users to upgrade.  If you are having technical problems with 1.7 please report your problem so we can fix it as soon as possible.

14 thoughts on “Camfrog Mac Client Block December 1

  1. 4nthony

    I have noticed a compatibility error in the software or it is just the site is wrong.
    eather way the version of camfrog mac 1.7 is not compatible with 10.4+ only 10.5+

    i ran a test on 3 different versions of 10.4 and had no joy with 1.7.

    (Y) but great work guys anyway


  2. steve

    I am using camfrog 1.7.2806, with a mac book pro with mac OS 10.5.5

    I used to be able to use camfrog pro with no problem

    recently I have been able to log onto camfrog but when ever I try to enter a room, I get an immediate crash every time!

  3. Billy

    Me too, although we with it works on one of my user profiles but not another! i.e. when I am logged in user A it won’t log me into camfrog but when I log into user B my camfrog works, makes me think that some settings in my user A mac profile must be crashing camfrog.


    The Camfrog 1.7 is a good product- as an idea/in theory, mostly, at present. It is significantly flawed with bugs; limited in its overall ability to work for users, as in functionality and stability challenges within the application/program, itself. One may wonder why this was even released, with so many unresolved issues. Yeah… Sometimes, it’s got to be released to work on the fine tuning in the ‘real world’ setting. I tried 1.7 for a few months. Today, I deleted 1.7, and now run 1.6. 1.6, without some of the features of 1.7, actually runs better/faster, overall. Another one of those situations wherein an earlier version actually runs better than the newest version, even if it’s without the added features; one may wonder if Camfrog sees adding minor formal features as more important than the overall good operation and usability of the application. That’s how we users see the difference between the versions. Yeah… Maybe, there’s invisible technicalities that are better with 1.7; however, as you read on, you’ll see the major failures of 1.7. also. Then, with all this, Camfrog states that, by 12/1/08, all Camfrog Mac users will be required to run this same low-grade/low-performing version of Camfrog? Whoah… Here’s to hoping that Camfrog will be good to extend the date for the Camfrog Mac client block until it actually resolves these significant issues with 1.7. The issues: 1.7 crashes upon entering a room around 100% of the time, runs excessively slow- with major lag- in most rooms, fails to load cam-to-cam private chats around 50% of the time, only offers user option to give bad/negative karma- without option to give good/positive karma, and, once again- to repeat, for emphasis- it runs wwwaaayyy tttoooooo ssslllooowww. All this, on a good, clean Apple Macbook with 2GB RAM and a high-speed internet cable connection. Anyway… Overall, I still positively appreciate the Camfrog service. It’s just that I- and, likely, others- really hope that these issues get resolved asap. It’s quite interesting and intriguing to see Camfrog call 1.7, in this operationally-challenged and operationally-limited condition, an ‘upgrade.’ Also, if there’s anything a Mac user can work on with our computer’s setup, please provide this information/any related tips. Anyway… Here’s to hoping that Camfrog actually makes this a *real upgrade*, asap. One may imagine that Camfrog is working hard to resolve these issues, just the same; hope so. Camfrog: Keep up all the good work. Make Camfrog for Mac a really good application, as it should be. I’ll/We’ll be good with you and stay with you. Just be good to me- and the rest of us- here. Good luck.


    Good news. CamfrogMAC just released a new and, as I see it, improved version; like, a real upgrade. See the transcript FYI:

    | | |

    From: CamfrogMAC Support
    Hello. Can you help us to test CamfrogMac version on problem which you wrote? Install the version (1.7.2807) attached to this email Please tell us: Is your problem solved? CamfrogMac Support.

    | | |

    Hi. Thank you for your good and fast response. I tried the new/mod version of Camfrog for Mac, v1.7.2807. So far, so good… with one exception; I see some form of lag in the streaming of my cam that seems to be directly related to the chat room text messages posting in the room. As in: the cam continuously tracks my movements in my cam… until… until a chat room text message posts in the room; freezing the cam image for a split second. Then, once the text message posts, the cam resumes tracking my movements in the cam. Therefore, it seems that the frequency of cam tracking pause is directly related to- for one thing- the frequency of room-based posted text messages. So, for a room with a lot going on- a lot of users, room audio, optional video cams, room text chat messages, and so on- it seems like it all can slow some things down… which, personally, I see as something to be expected within a dynamic system like this. I imagine that another related factor is the technical specifications for the setup of the chat room, the number of users present, and all the unique and collective activities within the room. The cam image quality, in and of itself- even with the slight pausing- is really quite good. As for getting into the rooms for the first try, I made it in; without the previous crashing. So… overall, I see this as a good upgrade to the previous version. Thank you. Keep up all the good work. Good luck with everything.

    | | |

    So… Overall… I see this as CamfrogMAC making some really good progress; as in a real upgrade. Good going, Camfrog/CamfrogMAC.

  6. mike

    this latest release is very unstable and the user interface looks like it’s stepping backwards in time, after 1 minute of stream the server chokes video and my guess is they are trying to discourage large room size and herd people into new rooms to interact with different people. there’s other means to accomplish this without having to cripple the program as a detour.


    It’s back to crashing, again, upon trying to enter a room. Still runs slow. Hoping to get an opportunity to try private cam-to-cam chat.

  8. campassion

    camfrog: please please please resolve all the major bugs with the new version. it runs sooo slowww. it’s getting close to 3 weeks from my last post. just wondering what’s going on. how about a response as to a status report? i imagine you realize that it can be quite challenging for us to get the ‘new and improved’ version with bugs like this; making it the ‘new and slow’ version. thank you.

  9. campassion

    please inform us of minimum requirements for our computers in order for new cf versions to work

  10. steve

    V 1.7 still crashes when I try to open a room on aJan 2008 macbook pro with latest Os and maximum ram.


    Where can I download the older (working) 1.6 version from?

    Thanks Steve

  11. _____LORD_____

    Same there, 1.7 is often crashing…
    But all previous versions are blocked…
    Moreover, I’m experiencing a big video lag on my MacBook Core2Duo 2,4 Ghz (2 GO ram, and nVidia 9400)

    If someone have an idea…

  12. nada

    I agree with ___LORD____ and have a similar setup. The current version of CF is buggy and the lagging is horrible. Seems to get worse the more that view your cam.

    Big improvements needed.

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