Camfrog Client 5.2.162 Beta (Windows) Released

Camfrog Client 5.2.162 Beta (Windows) is now available for beta testing.  With this new beta if your computer cannot handle our new video rendering system you will be switched back to our old system.  Please test and post your feedback on the blog or to our helpdesk.

Download Camfrog Client 5.2.162 Beta (Windows)

NEW – Please note we have updated the version number today.  Please test this newest beta version released December 3rd with some stability improvements.

Camfrog Mobile 1.1 Released!

Camfrog Mobile 1.1 for Windows Mobile is now available for download.  Version 1.1 adds emoticon support to instant messages,  different font sizes, vibrate notifications for new messages, and an auto-dial option where the program will try to establish a data connection over your mobile network.

Download Camfrog Mobile 1.1

Help Translate Camfrog

Camfrog already comes in many different languages.  Why not add your favorite language?  Visit to help translate Camfrog to your native language.

Are you unhappy with one of our current live translations that are included with Camfrog?  Our translation site allows you to help improve the translation too.

Thank you for helping translate Camfrog to every major language.

Camfrog Translation Project

Virtual Gifts Restored!

All virtual gifts should now be restored.  If your virtual gifts are still missing please contact our helpdesk.

Gifts that were given by Camfrog were not restored.  If you were given a gift by Camfrog please let the person know who gave you the gift and we’ll re-add it manually. This should only effect a few people.

Thank you for your patience.

Camfrog Mac Client Block December 1

Starting December 1st all Mac Camfrog client versions before 1.7 will be blocked.

Camfrog Mac 1.7 has technology that makes it cross-compatible with our older Mac versions.  This means that if you are using Camfrog Mac 1.7 and an older version Mac user is viewing you then your bandwidth and CPU usage is doubled.  This is because your 1.7 Mac client is sending out two video streams.  One video stream is a 1.7 version video stream and the other is an earlier version video stream.  These double cross-compatible video streams also cause Camfrog client 1.7 to use more CPU resources and it causes people hosting Camfrog Servers to send out twice as much bandwidth.

We have given Camfrog Mac users since July (5 months) to upgrade to Camfrog 1.7 and we feel now is the right time to ask all Mac users to upgrade.  If you are having technical problems with 1.7 please report your problem so we can fix it as soon as possible.