7 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 1.7.2806 (Mac OS X) Released

  1. Tony

    All the cameras, local and remote look really bright compared to previous versions. I’ve tried it on 3 seperate systems with the same results.

  2. nighthawks101

    I noticed the brightness in this version too, and the settings in the media tab or preferences didn’t seem to fix it.
    Also, I liked the way sorting worked in 1.6 much better. Can you bring back the old way to sort?
    Finally, it would be nice to have the lurkers as an option. I would rather be able to see everyone in the room without having to scroll down to the bottom.

  3. paolo

    Hi a suggestion: It would be nice to have the possibility to resize the window “Video Chat Room List”.

    thank for your best work

    Paolo lovat

  4. Zorg

    Camfrog 1.7 crashes when it tries to load my UVC webcam (XBox Live Vision) either when joining a chatroom or opening Preferences. Camfrog 1.6 works perfectly with the same setup. (G5 with Leopard 10.5.5.) A workaround I found was to load CamTwist (a free cam effects program) first, then Camfrog. As others have mentioned, the new Camfrog also messes with the gamma and ignores its own video preferences. The result is a washed-out image. I have gone back to Camfrog 1.6 until this is fixed.

  5. Jona

    I’m too experienceing the washed out on the cams, its very frustrating to say the least, im just looking around now for an older version 🙁

  6. mike

    this version is a wreck, stream loads are quick then bottleneck after a minute. it makes it seem like everyone is feeding the server pre recorded vids that pixellate by nature. the room loads are the same, they used to come up robust and stable now it’s as if a page fires up with a bunch of preliminary code being munched before you aquire a user list and the only sure stream is the first you click on, any stream after that has latency. that’s really the keyword for this version “hella latency”. it’s a botch and i think alot of people will leave. it’s a neat way to alleviate server strain and bandwidth, but a program doesn’t have to shoot itself in the foot to shave off it’s user query baggage.

  7. DXMachina

    camfrog 1.7 crashes a few seconds after joining a room – any room. where can I re-download camfrog 1.6? it worked flawlessly

    Cam OSX 10.4.11, PowerPC G4

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