Camfrog Server 4.2 (Windows/Linux) Released

Today Camfrog Server version 4.2 for Windows and Linux was released to the public.  This new server version improves anti-spam and anti-flood protection, has a new SSL encrypted web interface, and has miscellaneous stability and performance updates.

Please upgrade to Camfrog Server 4.2 as soon as possible to improve your Camfrog Video Chat experience.

Download Camfrog Server 4.2 Now


23 thoughts on “Camfrog Server 4.2 (Windows/Linux) Released

  1. Jesse Barkey

    After, I was upgrade all the new version of server, it been using less bandwidth and video quality was clearer than before… Well Done to Camshare!

  2. hello,

    The bug discovered on version 4.1 was corrected Good works !!
    anti flood and anti spam is very good
    I test the SSL 😉
    My Fedora core 9 appreciates your version 4.2
    I am happy
    thank Camfrog !!

  3. _Oracle_

    hellooo :-),

    Really good job. A big thank you for improvements on accessibility of the web interface management and yes tha anti-flood works good.


  4. MR_ASUS

    Nice version … help me to yzke out flood and the big trafficc….
    Thx Camfrog….Happy 5th year!!!!

  5. Riparatore

    I think I find a bug on the 4.2 linux version.
    The motd too long are not accepted by the camfrog server .
    Is it true for you too ?


  6. Akisha

    the web interface isnt working for me i forwared the port im using and im sure its not in use by another tool when i try to get on the web interface i can login with the username and pass but after i only see a empty page…

  7. Sankar


    I was trying to host a small video chat room on a Centos 4.7, but unforctunately the server is getting crashed and no error logs are generated.

    [root@localhost camfrogserver]# /etc/init.d/camfrogserver start
    Starting up camfrogserver server: [ OK ]
    [root@localhost camfrogserver]# /etc/init.d/camfrogserver status
    camfrogserver dead but pid file exists
    [root@localhost camfrogserver]#

    Any idea ?

  8. Hello,
    I use camfrogserver v4.2 on linux and works good for all my rooms but the web interface never can start.
    I have put the port 48 or other and generate SSL certificate but never works.
    With the netstat -tnpl command i have only rooms port 600x and in my log file i have this :
    Server (WEB) port binding failed (48)
    Web-server: listener for web-server could not be launched.

    All my firewall rules are ok.
    Can you help me please?

  9. james

    Hi Camfrog i am running 3 big china rooms on windows.
    when i look on processors Camfrogserver.exe 12%
    Camfrogserver.exe 19%
    Camfrogserver.exe 00%

  10. james

    Hi Camfrog i am running 3 big china rooms on windows.
    when i look on processors Camfrogserver.exe 12%
    Camfrogserver.exe 19%
    Camfrogserver.exe 00%
    it is very slow connecting to the chatroom and sorry for posting more than 1 post

  11. b_boys150

    Server: failed to open video stream: port cannot be assigned

    why ???????

  12. Enrico

    I have make a test setup on a centos 5.2 64bit.
    Chat work fine but the web interface remain in TIME_WAIT after the login.
    I Have no firewall.
    I ‘ m expert Linux sysadmin.:
    tcp 0 0 TIME_WAIT –

  13. Hi,

    I’m a french user. I’ve bought since a few time, a server license et a bot license. I’ve a website.

    Now, I’d like to have CamfrogWeb.
    I’ve tried to contact the team but I’ve not get any response.

    What I’ve to pay to get CamfrogWeb ?

    Thanks for all

  14. Dan

    I’m having the same issue with the Linux server and the lack of access to the web configuration pages. The user ID and password dialogue is presented and then once correctly entered, I’m treated to a blank screen. Firewall looks good from where I sit. Cant’ seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong!

    Any leads you provide would be greatly appreciated!



  15. Floyd

    Same problem with the linux server, can’t access the Web Control Panel, even after changing permissions.

    Treated to a login dialog, and blank screen after that

  16. Floyd

    Nevermind set the wrong permissions on the web-templates. It works perfectly on linux

  17. Hello people from the camfrog
    Now we still work with the server version 4.2
    But that versoin is work fine only one ting is not good
    If 4.2 have more then 1400 users and alot people go out or in the room then 4.2 is goin to work very slow.
    But if there are 2000 users in the room and the room is full 4.2 work good again.
    So we think 4.2 cant handel so many connections add the same time
    And dont tell it is my server the server is fast it is a

    Intel Quad Core Xeon 3220 – 4 x 2.40GHz
    1 x 250GB HDD
    1 GigE (1000Mbit) port
    Windows Server 2003
    So that is not the problem we have more rooms on that server and there are good but not so big.
    Oke many thanks and i hope to hear someting soon about this.

  18. Jason

    Hi, I am good with Linux, I prefer Ubuntu (debian) but since Camfrog server is not available for that distro i tried the CentOS 5.
    The server installs fine, but the admin web server won’t start.
    So i re-installed on a different distro, this time Fedora 9, but same problem the admin web server just won’t work.

    I got all the Linux install instructions from Camfrog support helpdesk, but still i can’t get the web panel to work, its very hard to change things without it.
    Anyone had an idea what im doing wrong?.
    My Linode server has no port bocking, all ports are open. So its not that.


  19. Jason

    It’s ok, i finally solved the problem 1 hour after writing here.
    My web user password was too long, i made a shorter password and seems to work now, though will not work on port 80 which is free.
    So im running it on port 8080 no problem.

    Thanks!. J.

  20. sergio

    hello everyone! Anybody know how to install linux to camfrogserver in various rooms? Thanks

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