Service Announcement – Possible Downtime September 30th

Today sometime between 7PM-11PM PDT all Camfrog servers and bots will temporarily become disconnected from the Camfrog central server.  At that time the Camfrog client, server, and bot login process may be slow or completely unavailable.

This temporary outage will occur due to an upgrade of our servers.  Thank you for your patience during this short down-time.

Sincerely, The Camfrog Team

4 thoughts on “Service Announcement – Possible Downtime September 30th

  1. Cr42yn3ts74k3rs5

    Thanks for warning!!! THAT WHAT WE WANT! Keep that up so we will aware about it soon.

  2. monica

    we love camfrog… dont put us down… leave it there till we died… eh cant wait for other 5 more year turn to be 10 yrs camfrog eh AWSOMEEEE…

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