Camfrog 3.X Blocked

Today we blocked Camfrog 3.X clients from logging on to the Camfrog central server.  The reason for this is because 3.X is using our old video technology and this is causing 5.X users to have to use twice the CPU resources and Bandwidth they should be using.

How is this possible?

Camfrog 5.X has technology that makes it cross-compatible with our old 3.X versions.  This means that if you are using Camfrog 5.X and a 3.X user is viewing you then your bandwidth and CPU usage is doubled.  This is because your 5.X client is sending out two video streams.  One video stream is a 5.X video stream and the other is a 3.X user video stream.  These double cross-compatible video streams also cause Camfrog client 5.X to use more CPU resources and it causes people hosting Camfrog Servers to send out twice as much bandwidth.

We have given Camfrog users since April (6 months) to upgrade to Camfrog 5.X and we feel now is the right time to ask all 3.X users to upgrade.  If you are having technical problems with 5.X please report your problem so we can fix it as soon as possible.

As more and more users upgrade to Camfrog 5.X you should see your bandwidth and CPU usage decrease significantly.  Room owners should also see their room bandwidth decrease.  We plan to also block Camfrog 4.X in the next few weeks.  Once 5.X is the only Camfrog client available you should see major improvements in our video quality along with lower CPU usage.

We just wanted to make this post so everyone would understand why 3.X is blocked, and we wanted to make it clear that there is a very important technical reason for doing so.  Thank you for using Camfrog and we hope you enjoy the awesome video quality with version 5.X.

Upgrade to Camfrog 5.1

Report Camfrog (Mac) Problems

Last month we published information on how to report a Windows Camfrog client problem directly to our development team.  Now with Camfrog Client 1.7 (Mac OS X) you can also report problems directly to our Mac OS X development team.

When having a problem with Camfrog Client (Max OS X) go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu next to the Apple menu at the top of your screen.  In that menu choose “Generate File for Technical Support”.  A window will appear that asks you to give a short description of the problem you are having along with your email address.  Please give a short but detailed description about what problem you are having along with instructions on how we can recreate this bug.  Next submit your bug report and we will investigate and try to solve the problem you are having.

You may or may not get an email reply from our development team, but your bug reports are very useful to us and we really appreciate them.  We would like to thank all Windows and Mac users who have submitted bug reports.  Thank you for helping us keep Camfrog stable and fun to use.