Camfrog Client 5.1 (Windows) Released

Camfrog Client 5.1 for Windows was released today.  The change log shows that Camfrog Client 5.1 has been updated with stability enhancements, the ability to choose your preferred language during installation, and now it’s easy to see who you have already viewed in the video chat room user list.  If you mouse over a user nickname in the user list and the link turns the color magenta, then you know you have already viewed that person.

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4 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.1 (Windows) Released

  1. the new version has some bugs.. crashes often..
    the status view in main windows about the users is wrong


    the german language is wrong now

  2. Mister Jan

    Besides the fact that the german translation still has room for improvment,
    I also have some points about that new feature:
    Besides the fact that it does not work with users that have friend,op,op+ owner status, it might not be the best idea to turn the nickname blue when the cam has not been viewed. It looks exactly like a user with friend status. Yes, there is still the tooltip when you have your mouse pointer on that nickname, but I still think it makes things less obvious and there for is rather disturbing the user experience.

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