Reporting Camfrog Instability Problems

Did you know you can report Camfrog client stability problems directly to the Camfrog development team?  Ever since Camfrog version 3.91 we have given Camfrog client for Windows a special debug mode that allows users to create special logs and send them on to our developers for investigation.

If you are having stability problems with Camfrog client visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, then scroll down to where it says “I am still having multimedia problems…” and follow the instructions to send a report to our team.

Thank you for filing these reports and helping to keep Camfrog high quality and extremely stable.

System Upgrade Today & Possible Downtime

Today, July 14 at 3PM PST we plan to do a system upgrade.  This system upgrade will cause Camfrog to have under 15 minutes of downtime.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  This upgrade should help us avoid having any unexpected downtime or outages in the future.

If you notice any problems after the upgrade please contact our help desk.  There may be a short time period where you can not sign on after the upgrade has taken place.

Thank you for using Camfrog and we hope this update will make Camfrog work even faster than before!

Camfrog Client 5.1 (Windows) Released

Camfrog Client 5.1 for Windows was released today.  The change log shows that Camfrog Client 5.1 has been updated with stability enhancements, the ability to choose your preferred language during installation, and now it’s easy to see who you have already viewed in the video chat room user list.  If you mouse over a user nickname in the user list and the link turns the color magenta, then you know you have already viewed that person.

Upgrade To Camfrog 5.1 Now!

Website Server Upgrade Announcement (July 2)

Camfrog will have yet another server upgrade the night of July 2nd that could possibly cause a temporary disruption of our website service.  If there is a disruption of our website service we expect it to last under 15 minutes.

If everything goes as planned there should be no disruption of Camfrog instant messaging or video chatting.