4 thoughts on “Camfrog Server 4.0 (Linux) Released

  1. I tried and the appilication itself runs on a Linux server “Amazing”
    Why ?

    The application itself runs on a Windows 2000 or 2003 server but the web page can be on any OS, for example a Linux server. Your users will go to a web page hosted on your Linux server and they will then be prompted for an ActiveX control that will connect to your Windows server. You can also run everything from a Windows server if you choose to do so. Hosting for a simple Windows 2003 server is around 30 euro in the Netherland 🙂

    Ow for Linux optimal performance camfrog recommend you tune your linux system according to them recommendations.
    Increase the open file limit in,etc,security,limits.conf
    Camfrogserver soft nofile 10000
    Camfrogserver hard nofile 20000
    Camfrog is Listening e.g. /sbin/ifconfig eth- txqueuelen 3000

    Please let me know about Linux camfrog servers.

  2. Christian Nitzsche

    How can i change the video resolution of my rooms on the linux server? I didn’t found any documentation about it.

  3. Herli Menezes

    Ok, great, but when do Linux user will have a camfrog client? I have tryied using Wine but I had no success.

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