Camfrog Server 4.0.98 Available

Camfrog Server 4.0.98 is now available for download. In this software upgrade Camfrog Server log files appear immediately on the server hard drive instead of having to sign out your server to see the logs, or wait several hours. We made this change due to user requests. If you have any problems with this new version please send a detailed report to our help desk. Please upgrade.

7 thoughts on “Camfrog Server 4.0.98 Available

  1. westerndragon

    i think the log should be back as before
    log now are for developer level
    its log too much things, make things unclear
    and heavy on I/O disk resources

  2. Hi to all the readers of the Blog of Camfrog.

    better separating log’s with command and connections, not to show nenneno you command inside example: Cid, directory, …… ;D


  3. westerndragon

    yes and also to log the /msg us awful , see all the BOT into the log

    i think that camfrog should give us option for level of debuging into the logs

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