Camfrog Server 4.0.47

Some rooms reported that users who were kicked from the room still appeared in the user list. We did some testing and released Camfrog Server version 4.0.47 that should fix this issue. Please upgrade if you have any problems with the previous 4.0 version.

Comments on: "Camfrog Server 4.0.47" (6)

  1. Great !!

  2. I updated the rooms and this problem is fixed.


  3. westerndragon said:

    i didnt noticed this yet , but I will upgrade the server soon

    is camfrog will return to the previous way of logs???
    i very dislike the new LOG

    thanks for your good work

  4. Problem OK 🙂

  5. Benjamin_Nicholas said:

    The server works great for us now with this update TY Frog :D:)

  6. Nice work ..The Problem is fixed ! Thx

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