Camfrog 5.0 and Video Window Size

Over the weekend a few Camfrog Pro users emailed and explained that the new 5.0 version high resolution video windows are too large and take up too much screen real estate in the new “Super” or “Recommended” rooms. When developing Camfrog 5.0 we realized some users may want to customize their default video window size so we included custom settings for Camfrog 5.0 specifically so users can choose their favorite video window size for any type of video chat room.

To customize the Camfrog video window size for your computer and type of room go to your contact list and choose the “Actions” menu then “Settings”. Next choose “Video” in the settings list.


Now click the tab for the type of room you want to customize, then choose the video window size. After you are done press “Apply” then “OK”. Now your video window sizes are customized however you want. Please note that if you only customize the size for “Classic” rooms under the “Classic” tab then the “Recommended” and “Super” rooms will still have their large default size. You should change the size under each tab to make sure the window size is changed for that specific type of room.

In the future we hope to add the ability for users to customize their windows even smaller than the “Classic” size. I hope this post helps explain how to set custom video window sizes. If you have any problems with these settings please contact our help desk so we can assist you.

WeFi Offers Easy Wi-Fi Access

WeFi Logo2

You may have noticed Camfrog is now bundling the freeware WeFi software as an optional install. If you didn’t see the install offer it’s because it only appears for people who have Wi-Fi cards on their laptop or desktop.

WeFi allows you to easily find free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world with the first open global Wi-Fi network. If you haven’t tried WeFi yet please check it out. In Addition to getting you connected quickly and easily to open Wi-Fi networks around you, the WeFi software automatically checks which networks can really get you connected to the Internet and which can’t, and shares it with all the other computers and mobile phones that run WeFi. So the more people running WeFi means many more available networks for everyone.

Please visit WeFi and give their software a try.

Always Keep Your Camfrog Logon Private!

Don’t ever enter your Camfrog logon and password or your Camfrog Pro serial number on any other website besides

Lately some Camfrog users have received emails or instant messages falsely stating that if you enter your Camfrog logon and password on a certain website you will get free room hosting or some other free item from Camfrog. This is absolutely false! Please use caution and always make sure the site you are logging on to is If you are not sure then try manually typing in the address bar of your browser before logging on.

If you did accidentally enter your Camfrog logon and password in one of these scam phishing websites then you can quickly change your Camfrog password by going to your contact list, then the “Actions” menu and choose “Change Password”.

If your Camfrog account is stolen please quickly report it to the helpdesk, or logon with a different Camfrog nickname and click “report inappropriate content” on your profile and let us know what happened.

Please visit our security tips page for more security tips.

Camfrog Server 4.0 Logs

Some users have reported problems with Camfrog Server 4.0 and the log feature. Camfrog Server 4.0 collects logs, but the logs do not appear until the server places a cache from memory to the hard disk. It can take several hours, or one full day for the logs to appear on the hard disk. If you want logs sooner you can sign your room off-line and the log file should appear immediately. This change was done to make the Camfrog Server software even more efficient. If you are experiencing problems with the new Camfrog Server version please send detailed information to our contact page help desk.