Welcome to the Camfrog Blog

We have added a blog to Camfrog so we can post all kinds of fun and interesting Camfrog news. As you have probably noticed our website has been updated for our new 5.0 release. When the new Camfrog client and server are released in the next few days I will make daily posts about all the new 5.0 features.

The Camfrog team is really excited about the new website and major software updates and we hope you are excited too!

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Camfrog Blog

  1. Mister Jan

    I see you also finnaly visually refeshed the website.
    And i saw you cleaned up the forum. Are there any plans to reopen it? (either in it s old style or completly new)

  2. AtA

    πŸ™‚ Realy ugly camfrog 5.0 because my Nick sMaLL BiG not write we want to small big write the nick πŸ™

  3. And it just keeps getting better and better here on Camfrog. Those of you that have been here along time ago….remember what it was like 5 years ago? There is NO webcam site even close now to what camfrog offers!!!

  4. Stripe

    Have I missed an HUGE update, my version reads 1.5.2553, or have a lot of rooms been deleted or no longer operational? Please excuse my stupidity if I have missed out. I bought Camfrog Professional about 1 year ago. Cheers everyone

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