Want to make your room more interesting, or attract new people?

We’re making it even easier for users to find your room in the next version of Camfrog (coming soon!)

In the meantime, you can start customizing your room’s profile now, so that when we launch your room will be ready! Here’s how you customize your room profile: Head on over to www.camfrog.com and login with your room name/password. then click the “Settings” link. You can then upload a profile pic (At least 176x144px .jpg or .png) Choose your room’s location, and add some category tags.

These tags will let users know what your room is about, and will be searchable in the new rooms browser!

We’re really excited to make it even easier for everyone to find your room, and hope you’re excited too!



For the last couple of days, some users have been unable to login to Camfrog, or load camfrog.com

We unfortunately had a hardware failure in our main datacenters. Our engineerfrogs have been hopping about non-stop to resolve this issue, to keep you online. We appreciate your patience while we’ve been going through these hiccups.

Thanks again for your continued loyalty.

… There’s no better time than now! For a limited time, upgrade to Camfrog Pro, and you will get a special bonus of Camfrog Coins worth 10% of your Pro purchase. Register for a year, and you’ll get 110 coins!

Camfrog Coins can be used to send virtual gifts to a friend, or as a great way to introduce yourself to someone new!

Click Here to Register for Pro with Bonus Coins

Do you want to give Pro to a friend? You can do that, and your friend will also get some bonus coins! Click Here to give Pro to a friend

maccf_logoWe’ve updated Camfrog for Mac OSX!

This new update fixes a problem that some users experienced causing a very slow logon, as well as fixes a bug in which Mac users weren’t able to see webcams from users on a mobile device.

Download for free from our Download Page

We’re super excited to welcome Kindle Fire owners into the Camfrog Family. Today we published Camfrog Video Chat, and Camfrog Video Chat PRO in the Amazon App Store! Click the link below, or just search Amazon for Camfrog to get hopping on your Kindle Fire tablet!


By popular request, we’ve added a new Camfrog Pro subscription time. Now you can get Pro for 6 months, for only $24.95

We’ve also changed the price of Camfrog Pro for 1 year to $44.95 for an even greater value!

For more information on Camfrog Pro, head on over to our registration page


This year, the world comes together to celebrate winter sports, and we couldn’t be more excited! Show your country’s support with a flag from our Flag Gifts collection, or cheer for your country with a sticker from our new Victory sticker set!

View our full Stickers Collection or our full Virtual Gifts Catalog


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