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Slow Logon with Camfrog for Mac? UPDATE Now!

maccf_logoWe’ve updated Camfrog for Mac OSX!

This new update fixes a problem that some users experienced causing a very slow logon, as well as fixes a bug in which Mac users weren’t able to see webcams from users on a mobile device.

Download for free from our Download Page

Have an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet? Now You Can Hop on Camfrog!

We’re super excited to welcome Kindle Fire owners into the Camfrog Family. Today we published Camfrog Video Chat, and Camfrog Video Chat PRO in the Amazon App Store! Click the link below, or just search Amazon for Camfrog to get hopping on your Kindle Fire tablet!


Camfrog Pro – Now Available on Android!

camfrog_androidOur mobile team has been working pretty hard, and are very excited to announce that Camfrog Pro is now available on your Android Phone!

Join a room, and videochat with multiple people at the same time, right from your phone. Not only that, but your friends will see your nick as BOLD Camfrog Pro user! Search the Google Play store for Camfrog Pro or click the badge below


Introducing Camfrog Pro for iPhone!

camfrog_iphoneHey iPhone Froggers! Today’s your day! We’re excited to announce Camfrog Pro for iPhone is now available on the App Store!

Join your favorite room, or hop on in to a new room, and look at all your friends, or videochat with new friends, with Camfrog Pro for iPhone, you can now view multiple videos, making your videochat that much better!

Search the App Store for Camfrog Pro or click the Link below

appstoreWe’ve also published an updated version of Camfrog Free, which you can find by searching Camfrog on the App Store, or Clicking Here

Server Update – Add Support for YouTube Viewing!

server_iconIt’s that time again! We just published an update to all versions of Camfrog Server. This update fixes some slow room logon issues, adds support for YouTube Viewing as well as several bug fixes.

Please update your Camfrog Server software as soon as possible to keep your rooms online

Update is available for: Camfrog Server, Camfrog Advanced Server, Camfrog Linux Server, and Camfrog Distributed Server. Please update as soon as possible!

YouTube Parties In Your Favorite Rooms!

You found a super fun YouTube video, and now you want to share it in your room. Well, instead of just copying the link, have a YouTube watching party. Download the the latest update to Camfrog, and you can share a video, and everyone in the room can watch it at the same time, with synchronized playback!


Chat in the room while the video is playing, or pop out the video into it’s own window. If you’re an operator, or owner of a room, you can start a YouTube party by opening up the built in OpTools window, and clicking on the new YouTube tab. Simply copy/paste the video URL into the box, and press the Play button. That’s all there is to it! You can pause, stop, or seek to a specific part of the video from here, and everyone will be able to watch along!


Download the latest version of Camfrog today to join in the fun!

Note, some rooms may need to update their Server software to support YouTube parties.

We’re working on adding support for Mac and Mobile devices as well. Stay tuned!

Attention Room Owners: Update Your Servers!

exclamLast month we released an update to the Camfrog Server software. If you haven’t updated yet, your room may go offline if you haven’t updated yet!

To ensure your room stays online, update your Camfrog Server, Camfrog Advanced Server, and Camfrog Server for Linux as soon as possible!


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