New Camfrog for Android!

We’ve been busy here at Camfrog, and are excited to announce a great new update to Camfrog for Android!


We completely redesigned the interface from the ground up, to give a fresh look, that is easy to use!

We’ve also introduced a cool new feature: Group Selfies

Take a full-screen snapshot with you and your friends, to share your fun times on Camfrog!

Download the latest version today by searching Camfrog in the Google Play Store or:


mystery Discover the mystery what happens when you send our new special Virtual Gift!

Send a Mystery Gift to a friend, and their nick will get a surprise splash of color!

RibbitWhen you receive a Mystery Gift, your nickname will randomly turn one of 5 different colors: Orange - Blue - Gold - Pink - or ELITE RED

Mystery Gifts each last for 1 day, but if you get a color you like, you can extend your color by sending additional Mystery Gifts!

If you want to get a different color, you can wait until the next day and send a Mystery Gift again!

Click Here to Send a Mystery Gift Now!

Happy Mother’s Day!



August 12th is Mother’s Day in Thailand! Celebrate by getting a “Mom Tattoo” that will turn your nickname PINK for 7 days!

Also, to show appreciation for all the mothers, you can send:

Pink Jasmine Flower with Triple Points!

Pink Jasmine

Thai Garland with Triple Points!

Thai Garland

which are both worth TRIPLE Points until August 12th.

BannerReady for an upgrade? Now’s the perfect time to register for Camfrog PRO, because when you register for a year, you’ll get 3 extra months FREE!

That’s 15 months for the price of 12!

Click HERE to turn your nick GREEN and unlock all the many features of Camfrog PRO


It’s time everybody! Who will win the World Cup?

Germany, or Argentina

Pick your team, and wear your pride on your sleeve when you choose your team. Today only: Spirit Gifts are only 100 coins!

Spirit of Germany

Spirit of Germany

Spirit of Argentina

Spirit of Argentina

Starting at kickoff, both country’s flag gifts will both be worth TRIPLE POINTS

Flag of Germany [x3 during match]

Flag of Germany

TRIPLE Points during the match

Flag of Argentina

Netherlands vs Brazil - World Cup 3rd Place MatchToday Brazil and the Netherlands face off to find out who will take 3rd place in the World Cup.

Join us in celebrating, with Double Point [x2] Flags of Brazil and Netherlands during the match!

Show your country pride!






Get ready for this exciting match, as The Netherlands face off against Argentina in Arena Corinthians, São Paulo.

During the match, the Flag of The Netherlands and the Flag of Argentina will both be made DOUBLE POINTS [x2]

Show your country pride, with a Spirit Gift which will not only turn your nick BLUE, but also put your country’s flag next to your nick!

Spirit of Argentina with Blue nick and Argentinian Flag icon

Spirit of The Netherlands with Blue nick and Netherlands Flag icon

Choose Argentina

Choose Netherlands

Remember, Spirit gifts will last for 24 hours each – You can have a maximum of 4 of the same spirit gift on your profile at a time, for a total of 4 days. You can only have 1 type of spirit gift at a time.


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