We had a bit of a hiccup!


Yesterday was a busy day, as many of you know, we had a bit of a hiccup yesterday, which caused many people to not be able to sign on, or load camfrog.com

This was caused by a temporary issue with our DNS provider, however we were finally able to resolve the issue and get everyone back online. We will continue to work over the coming days to add extra redundancy to ensure this type of outage doesn’t happen.

As always, we are extremely grateful for your patience while we work through this, and as a quick way to say thanks for holding steady through the rough day yesterday, we’re making the Frog Fun 2, and Frog Love sticker packs free until December 1st.

Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble!

Pilgrim FrogWe’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here at Camfrog HQ, and we’d like everyone to join in the celebration. Join our fall harvest celebration, with a Harvest Brown nickname color, and a fun pumpkin icon next to your nick. harvestnickWe’ve even made the Fall Harvest gift TRIPLE Points! (x3) until Thursday, so get yours before the harvest ends, and remember to have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!


Today we published updated binaries of all Camfrog Distributed Server components. These updates are mostly security and bugfixes, but because it’s a major update, we are requiring all hosters to update their servers as soon as possible.
You can download the latest version of Camfrog Distributed Server by logging into your hosting portal athttps://hosting.camfrog.com
Remember ALL components must be updated at this time.
Please be aware, that if you haven’t updated by November 20th, your hosting may go offline until you update, so to avoid any downtime, please update as soon as possible.

Camfrog Server End-Of-Life



Are you still using Camfrog Server? It’s time to migrate to Camfrog Distributed Server, or Camfrog’s room hosting platform [Recommended]

Due to many security and stability updates we’ve made over the last year, we have come to the difficult decision to sunset the standalone Camfrog Server Software.

On December 20th, 2015 Camfrog Server will no longer be able to login. To avoid any downtime, we recommend migrating your rooms to Camfrog Distributed Server as soon as possible.

If you have previously purchased a Camfrog Server Pro license, we can exchange your Server Pro serial number for 2 rooms, for 1 year on your new hosting.camfrog.com account. Just email us at cds-support@camfrog.com with your hosting.camfrog.com account name, and your serial number(s) and we’ll exchange it for you!

Alternately, if you are just looking to host your own room, you can exchange your Server Pro serial for a trial of our own room hosting platform.

Room Size Trial Length (in months)
50 12
100 6
200 4
500 2
1000 1

To exchange your Server Pro serial for a Camfrog Room Hosting trial, visit https://help.camfrog.com and click “Submit a request” and include your Server Pro serial, and which room size you would like. Note, once you receive a trial for a serial, you won’t be able to change the room size. All exchanges are final. We will only exchange a maximum of 2 server pro serials for a room hosting trial. If you are looking to host multiple rooms on your server, you should register a hosting account at https://hosting.camfrog.com

RibbitLogoWe’re pretty excited to give you a preview of a new app we’re working on.

Ribbit by Camfrog is a fun way to meet new people.  View LIVE videos from people around the world.

You have 60 seconds to decide if you want to Swipe to the next live video, Favorite them to keep in touch, Chat with them directly, or Join the chat room they’re in.

We’d love to have you join the Beta, and give us feedback. If you have an Android phone, hop on over to http://getribbit.com to join the Beta! Be sure to sign up with your email address to stay up to date with the latest announcements, even if you don’t have an Android phone!

If you like the app, or find any bugs, or have any suggestions, feel free to email us with your Ribbit App feedback to feedback@getribbit.com


pumpkin_500There’s only a few days until Halloween! Get your Trick-or-Treat on with some fun new Virtual Gifts!

We’re going to release several new virtual gifts over the coming days in build up to Halloween. When a new gift is released, it will be DOUBLE POINTS (x2) for 15 minutes, so be sure to Follow @Camfrog on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest announcements and updates!

Flag Icons are Back!

Flags!One of our most requested gift types were the flag icons we’ve used during the World Cup. Well, you asked for them, so we brought them back for a limited time! Now wear your country’s flag on your nick! We’ll be adding more countries shortly, so keep your eye on the Gifts Catalog


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