Camfrog Cloud Outage

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing an outage across part of our services.

Right now, this outage is limited to only Camfrog Cloud Server. Our engineering teams have been working hard to restore this as soon as possible.

If you have a room hosted in Camfrog Cloud, we will automatically extend your subscription by a week, to make up for this issue we are currently experiencing.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to Contact us

As always, we greatly appreciate your patience, and your continued support in making Camfrog the best place to videochat.

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30 Responses to “Camfrog Cloud Outage”

  1. J C Says:

    Is this why my CF crashes whenever I enter any room?

  2. kenny howell Says:

    when is the cloud going to be back online


    do u have a update on when room,s maybe bk up and running

  4. Dennis Says:

    i informantion you i am deaf… i have problem cloud my room freeze Someone was get flood my room so we are know camfrog namenick RG.. RG was many flood to room other… thanks

  5. colin sevier Says:

    What is really going on down there? This is an extremely long downtime. This is what $50 a year procode server gets? I am a camfrog room user.

  6. dumitrache daniel Says:

    Camfrog Cloud Outage

  7. ____odin____ Says:

    When are the rooms coming back online ?Any ideas?Is it going to last a full week?

  8. Wingnut_1979 Says:

    This sucks so bad Camfrog! At least give us a status update.

  9. FunkyG Says:

    Any ETA on some working rooms yet?

  10. kenny howell Says:

    be back up in a few weeks time

  11. SuperTarrot Says:

    When it’s back it’s back,if it takes another few days to improve and fix the issue then so be it.But an update on any progress would be good.

  12. Marvel Says:

    wow. but I not use cloud server |)

  13. arlanda Says:


  14. Furling Says:

    My Cloud Server take forever log in and wait for long time.

  15. PR0BL3M Says:

    hopefully quickly finished the problem Camfrog Cloud, (H)

  16. iJAYR Says:

    Its taking too long.. this is getting ridiculous!


    Roger that, Frog! We hope the problem solved soon.

  18. Midevilll Says:

    There are more rooms online , just not cloud rooms . im hosting rooms that normally run cloud for friends that own cloud rooms. “Temporarily”
    check the Camfrog “ROOMLIST” . or checkout are room SINGLE__EXILES .

  19. kenny howell Says:

    what is outage any body knows

  20. c Says:

    Data Center collapsed because it was a very strong attack..

  21. MAC Says:

    damm what are u doing camfrog when do u whant to open that cloud server theres a lot of flooders in normal server hays

  22. lia land Says:

    is good

  23. AndrewWythe Says:

    I hope your able to fix this issue soon, cos its killing my social life :|

  24. Megatron Says:

    @Denis . So the Cloud server is only used for avoid flooding. yes that is. LOL

  25. someguymatt Says: bring the cloud server back up…only to have it DDOS’d to hell and back…perhaps you guys should invest in better servers with all that money you’re stealing from people who pay money for the cloud server rooms…smh

  26. j0seph Says:

    ancora problemi di audio e video! sono presenti, nelle room cloud ?

  27. jebo Says:

    why the room of cloud is very lag….. our limit of days is running..pls observe your server

  28. Urbain Says:

    I can not connect, the application connects and disconnects immediately … big bug!
    the application is unusable

  29. Culun Says:

    Welcome back all

  30. TERABYTE Says:

    The one week extension was not enough . And was not even used . Cloud rooms has been off for more that one week. Hope you would extended more. You know Cloud rooms are not cheap.