Camfrog Client 6.0.100 (Windows) Released

A new Camfrog Client for Windows is now available for download.  This new release fixes a problem some users were having with snapshots, fixes a problem with choppy audio in rooms, adds new languages to the installer, adds the ability to remove the “create room” tab in the internal video chat room list, and “add contact” was added directly under the “Camfrog” menu for quicker access.

It’s also possible to click a user nickname in the chat log and open their video window immediately.  There are also many other small bug fixes and enhancements.  We recommend all users upgrade as soon as possible.

Download Camfrog 6.0.100Change List

64 Responses to “Camfrog Client 6.0.100 (Windows) Released”

  1. Lamborghini_ZZ Says:

    Works fine BOT color and font

  2. Protecting Says:

    6.75 MB the size small , not heavy , and new language . well done camfrog , good work

  3. LandRover Says:

    good job!

  4. lm Says:

    This version 6 is very well achieved, although not agree with with the window that opens for everything and anything in the windows of the rooms to create a room, I bought the pro to get rid of the publicity and this action is a form of advertising nut and abusive.

  5. admin Says:

    Im, Please read above. You can remove that tab now with this new client.

    It’s now possible to hide the “Create Room” tab if you’re a Pro user. Go to “Settings” then “IM & Chat” and then “Show Create Room”.


    Thanks Frog! much progressing! :)

  7. GARDENERS Says:

    hi admin camfrog for android any news on when it be out

  8. ryan Says:

    doesnt work. every time you click on any chat room, or “video/audio” settings, it crashes. every time. doesnt work at all.. sweet

  9. TRaKYaLiWeBMaSTeR Says:

    Congratulations have been nice this time

  10. Express Says:

    I’ve done a good job I think this version is distinctive from the others lack of errors or lack of it ..
    Question I have a credit card type from the European Visa Do I dwell in Ukraine Is the site allows me to buy it from where I live??

  11. _5L Says:

    Congratulations Thx Frog really !! :D

  12. sakolv Says:

    Camfrog Client 6.0.100 (Windows) Released no menu show time stamp chat on the room
    it is basic function.please know is important

  13. stephanre Says:

    “Add Contact” should be available with “right-click-context menu” in main window.

  14. L1l_PeaNuT Says:

    I have had major issues as well with the video crashing in everyone I tried to go in, I froze on cam no matter what i did. I downgraded back to regular 6.0 and im ok now, I cant upgrade to this camfrog til im sure all the bugs are out. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on a 64 bit. Hope you can fix it soon.Thank you so much for all your time and efforts, as they are greatly appreciated.

  15. SKJ Says:

    nice release…not heavy and language too..Indonesian.. :D .. good work camfrog



    A problem found. When upgrading the 6.0.100, I could not hear any sound in room. When I tried to take mic and play a music, it was just silence: ppls hear nothing. I set the audio already, but it still the same. :( I thought it due to my machine, but it doesn’t. After downgrading to 6.0.92, no problem found. Everything is back to normal. I can now hear and play musics in room. Probably, 6.0.100 has a problem in audio. Note, it was not only my case, but a friend of mine also got the same one.


  17. Aussiesly Says:

    Problem with oplist. You can initially import your oplist on first setup but when you move the room to another server it only takes the names that have been added since being on 6 and not the imported names or oplist from the initial setup. You also cannot manually update the oplist in the directory.



  18. Zoomshorts Says:

    In addition, commands are disabled when the room owner has not done a thing. This is unacceptable, ever. The Control panel is against the owner/license owner. Did you read your own writings?
    “IMPORTANT: All client, bot, and server serials sold before December 10th will continue to work exactly as they always have and there are no plans to change the original Camfrog Pro serials. ”

    This is a written promise to those of us who hold older licenses. A Unilateral promise. Go ahead and delete this, because most of us kept a copy. It will not help you when you change the terms.

    Never disable that which worked before. Work exactly, not close or different. EXACTLY. Read your own words.

  19. Joe Says:

    hello admin, how about the cfresource dll file in the installed folder, did your team keep it hidden in this version too? if so, please don’t hide the cfresource dll file as we do need to add some custom emoticons for our convenience while chatting in between. will ya? i think it’s not so annoying for your team to satisfy us with this small request, and it won’t bring any trouble to your team too. please and thanks.

  20. bing Says:

    im hessitant about downloading this as ive had nothing but problems since i was FORCED to upgrade my 5.5… which…..was perfect

    if it aint broke..dont fix it..

    stop screwin around with it

  21. _5L Says:

    cfresource dll :D Must be hidden camfrog work for full protection of Camfrog Client 6.0.10 No bug no anything Good work !!

  22. AnnonyMouse Says:

    Problem with microphone. Camfrog only picks up sound from microphone when microphone is set to \listen to this device\ in Windows 7 microphone recording settings under \listen\ tab

    Using \Realtek High Definition Audio\:

    5.5 seems to work fine with the microphone. Thankfully you’ve not blocked build 5.5.0241 (Take note Bing; and you might also want to suggest something constructive, such as WHAT problems you had and WHEN, so that Camfrog can be improved with the information you can provide them)

    Also I never managed to find an option to \un\tab the chatroom from the room directory (even with pro code activated). Can you help?

    Thankfully you have added an option to set the audio meter as \old style\. Let’s hope you keep this option, as I do find the new style meters fairly hard to read, and measure the level. Seem the intervals between the monitoring of the audio has increased making it less acurate. Also the circular dial style monitor is a little arkward. I’ve not seen many professional studio mixing desks with non linier monitoring levels.

    Interesting to hear you comment admin.

    Thank you.


  23. bing Says:

    i did in a previous post on another thread reguarding the same issues

  24. Mattey3 Says:

    Thank you so much for putting in the option to remove “create room”.

    I still think the room list should be separate from the main chat window but that’s something I can get used to I think. Will sorting a room by alphabetical order/female/male/age be making a return within the room lists?

    As already mentioned a Time stamp at the bottom or in the unused space at the top would be good also.

  25. flirting_fish Says:

    now with version 6.0 100 build cams dont work outside of chat rooms.. in private IM’s WTF is thast about.. and also unable to still play music thru sound card..still sounds like coming thru a mic .. ..yes did all the settings right.. either fix it right or revert back to the 5.85 version where there was no problem for users

  26. Ashley Says:

    I have been having issues with Private Calls on the updated 6.0. it keeps saying there was an error. And when the other use sent me the request it said the same thing and we’ve never had this problem before.

  27. AnnonyMouse Says:

    Thank you Camfrog Support for the acknowledgement email.

    I have sent the debug logs to you.

    I have done this before and had forgotten to make the debug logs for you this time.

    I hope you find the problems, and notify me of any changes I would need to impliment to correct the error, as well as inform me as to the cause of the problem.





    I’ve just sent you the debug logs. Hopefully the sound problem on Camfrog 6.0.100 re-investigated and then resolved. I am now still using the 6.0.92 and keep the version in my machine till the next update released.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for responses you’ve sent me via email. :)



  29. GoodForTheSoul Says:

    This issue with private calls started yesterday and seems to be affecting all versions. Thursday evening personally i was able to private call with someone running 6 and I am running 5.5. Friday I could not private call with anyone. This has been the same issue with everyone regardless of version and that includes the mac users (at least trying to connect a windows user). As a room owner I have been bombarded with people asking me if I knew what was going on so that’s why i know this is affecting all the cf versions. Even people running the latest version are reporting the same error.


    We could not make the private call (1 to 1) on 5.5 and 6.0 version either.

    I agree with GoodForTheSoul

    The error message said “Error: The private call connection could not be made.
    More information:

    Isn’t that a bug?

  31. Alex Says:

    Hi Team,

    one to one chat is not working is that a bug? or problem with camfrog servers please update us facing lots problem.

  32. mystical_elemental_wolf Says:

    When will this company ever design a version that is bug free or works flawlessly, e.g. v.3.94, that version was perfect from what i noticed and a bunch of others, i swear this company is going down the tubes slowly and it will continue to go down further, because they don’t know how to beta test and fix the bugs and issues with their software properly unlike Microsoft and other software company’s know how to do so.

  33. Spikos Says:

    Can you guys make a function to disable the “click a user nickname in the chat log and open their video window immediately”.. for operators and owners is it hard to copy the names in there moderation tools.

    If there is a feature to disable it all the operators can work faster.

  34. Dave Says:

    I dl’d and installed 6.0.100 and I have lost my ability to connect one-to-one with anyone. Every time I try I get the message:

    Error: The private call connection could not be made.

    Any suggestions?

  35. sephong Says:



    every 5 mins i am disconnected…i am in kuwait…i paid for pro but i am always disconnected every 5 mins…what’s the problem??? can you fix this…i want a reply from you guys about this matter…my acct name is sephong

  36. fosnic Says:

    one to one chat is not working

  37. Danny Says:

    Hi Camfrog Could please look into this i think i found bug with camfrog pro codes i had new Computer i can not accvite my code on there at all
    i had friend do the same deaccive his code some issue could not put back on i think this problem needs sortting ASP Fast Thanks Danny

  38. fish51 Says:

    camfrog sorry but your problems with the one on one chat is really annoying
    Error: The private call connection could not be made.
    More information:
    this has been going on since the last reboot, sorry but if i was a NEW PRO USER i would ask for my money back, you are NOT providing a good service and under TEXAS and US laws you could be suied for this, Time to get your act together, eversince the other company took over camfrog has been rubish, you have had DOSS attacks, problems with servers and you know that there are a lot of bugs with the upgrades. I have been on this program for a few years now and i have got to the point i dont want to use it any longer please do something and fix the problems,

  39. Emma Says:

    ever since upgradeing to 6.0.100 i have had issues with connecting private calls,

    Error: The private call connection could not be made.
    More information:

    that website gives no information on the issues
    both computers are running 6.0.100
    one computer xp and one windows 7
    private calls worked before we upgraded
    we down graded to 6.0.80 to see if that would resolve the issue
    but we still cant use the private call function

    we have done dns flushes we have have checked our systems nothins changed, can you please elaberate on a further detale i may have over seen, or let me know if it is frog playing up.

  40. Scarface Says:

    now all problem private call -.-

  41. mystical_elemental_wolf Says:

    im saying this again since it hasnt goten through to them at all When will this company ever design a version that is bug free or works flawlessly, e.g. v.3.94, that version was perfect from what i noticed and a bunch of others, i swear this company is going down the tubes slowly and it will continue to go down further, because they don’t know how to beta test and fix the bugs and issues with their software properly unlike Microsoft and other software company’s know how to do so.

  42. Vectra Says:

    THE private chat facility no longer works….just gives me an error…Please help…everything else is fine…I rin Firefor on windows XP

  43. sheeesh_i_forgot Says:

    6.0.92 and 6.0.100 have the same problem Private chats/calls wont work, it shows the two users error messages, in 6.0.92 sometimes the snapshots will show as a white screen.. trying to downgrade wont help since a lot of people have the new versions and cant get the old ones…

  44. Alex Says:

    Hi Camfrog still the private chat (one to one) is not working any update on this or its has been blocked by camfrog server… everyone is facing the lots problem :(. I hope any one could update on this that will be appreciated. Thanks in advance


  45. Marta92 Says:

    I can’t make a privat call. It gives me a generic “ERROR”. I try to downgrade to 5.5 but it’s impossible. Why? It happens only to me or to everyone? Help me!

  46. bing Says:

    and true to form.. yet insist on bringing out another FAILED update… private calls do not work on version 100 …

    when will u reliase 5.5 worked perfect for practically everyone.. bring that 1 back in its origional state.. save us all a lot of unnecessary bother

  47. May Says:

    Seriously, will u’s fix the privet call’s, i’m getting sick n tired of going into rooms when i don’t want to just to see my man or my friend’s one on one seriously. can u’s let 5.5 back on the server as it was working great for me n most ppl?

  48. Dave Says:

    I have now found that all my chat history has turned to rubbish.

    I’m not impressed

  49. revolver_75 Says:

    Congratulation for latest Camfrog v6.0.100 released.
    This version have best performance, no lagging anymore even in room with hundreds user.

    About the fonts,,,why it become single color and single font type?

    Can camfrog restore back the color & font type so it can look different each line,,,, just like old camfrog 5.5.

    I think camfrog need to make voting, so we know features liked by users?

  50. Nitrostakes Says:


    the private chat issue everyone is facing now, and it has nothing to do with which browser you are using.

    its cf bug or cf server problem which seems not working perfectly about 3-4 months, every time some new bug issues and problems are coming.

    @Admin (CF)

    I hope u will try to sort out this private calls issue ASAP and keep the camfroggers updated with everything.

    We are waiting for your response. kindly think about the camfroggers, we expect the best value for money, so u need to provide us the flawless services.


  51. sephong Says:

    i get logged out every 5 mins!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. X_Jumbo_Hotdog_X Says:

    @CF admin (PALTALK)
    i know you must follow the new buisiness from PALTAK,,,
    let the CLIENT 5.5.242 and the old SERVER and BOT Software alive !!!!
    nothing works better as before only errors all days !!!!!!!
    or you go to step by step to PALTALK client ?????? i think its so,,,,,

  53. bing Says:

    i totally agree with x_Jumbo… i never had 1 single problem on 5.5 EVER.. now its 1 issue after another every day .. and im still unable to use a mic since 6.0 without it rebooting my system.. so..pissed off… yes very much so

  54. Sammi Says:

    There is a issue with camfrog audio i have tryed to play music in many rooms on camfrog stereo mix and it does not work at all i have reformatted and downloaded camfrog again still does not work i even down graded it worked fine then after a while i lost my mic on the downgrade!!! so i think you still have bugs on the new camfrog please can you get this sorted!


    Sammi, keep the 6.0.92 on your machine. I got the same problem like you. Camfrog is still working on that thing and will fix the prob for the next release. :)

  56. rx Says:

    pls bring back 5.0 tabim

  57. KobeBR Says:

    All version since 6.0 have the same bug.

    When you write continously in chat 1&1, the other person can´t open the messange window if it is minimized. The windows is blocked until the other person stop of writting.

    Thank you if you verify it.

  58. rx Says:

    i buy server serial code in camfrog later on someone is using my code camfrog say i need to email camfrog! i email already but camfrog no reply until now! we buy that expensive thing like serial code pls do some action to make it fast! all my custumer anggry to me why all my room down! camfrog is fast when you buy code or serial but when have trouble camfrog is slow until now no reply!pls do something i want my server or serial code change as soon as possible!grrrrrr

  59. Archbishop Says:

    Camfrog Client version 6.0 Build 100 crashes unexpetedly. I did send some “reports” to Camfrog (hope this helps!!). I haven’t had any problem with previous versions. Is there any patch or a new verion coming soon? Should I install my previous version?

  60. Billy0329 Says:

    Why the Camfrog have to be a problem with the glitch? When I open someone the cam.. few minutes.. their cam moving like robot… I have to close them and reopen them and it work until few minutes later… they do it again…. Any idea how to fix it?


    Sound prob is still there on 6.0.108. I back to 6.0.92 again :(

  62. RusticSpider Says:

    I find it all very good now except for a dog of a problem in that the room list and current room tab is now hiding behind open cams when auto sorting and resizing is done. I like the old seperate room list thanks.

  63. jimbolyn25 Says:

    I bought camfrog eariler this year and it worked ok on 5,5
    but now that i have upgraded to 6.0 i can’t use it ? why ? how do i fix it ?

  64. MR_LIE Says:

    camfrog new versi 6.0 is the best ,, i like it