New Camfrog Translated Languages


Camfrog client is now fully translated to 23 languages.  The 23 languages are Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English (UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Croatian, French Canadian, Indonesian, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Estonian, and Czech.  The four newest languages are Bulgarian, Bosnian, Estonian, and Czech.

Romanian, Greek, Tagalog, and Catalan, Velencian are currently being translated by our translation team.

Do you speak Hungarian, Slovak, Afrikaans, or Albianian?  These four languages are almost completed however we don’t currently have a proven and trusted proofreader.

Do you want Camfrog to be translated to your language, or do you want to help out with these translations above?  Please sign up to be an official Camfrog Translator and get listed on our best proofreaders list so you can get a free virtual gift.

Camfrog Translation Project

5 Responses to “New Camfrog Translated Languages”

  1. Dalnet Says:

    Korea to translate the hard work.

  2. casperpl Says:

    Great Camfrog Multilanguage… ;)

  3. hobAa Says:

    Hello Admin ,
    As Like Termes Of Service
    camfrog disabled any id send trojan ?
    so my best friend had hacked yesterday with anyomous someone
    and i had print screen to him

  4. admin Says:

    Please use “report inappropriate content” to report inappropriate users. This is not the place and messages here are not monitored.

  5. user1 Says:

    question.. i helped the translation team months ago but still even 1 of my translated words are not being checked